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I believe that each and everyone in this planet deserves to be happy and healthy and have a beautiful life that they can enjoy. But it all starts with Yourself. Not with Your partner, or with Your kids, but Yourself. Most of us come from a place where we carry the traumas of our childhood relationships in us and those are setting the foundation to our reality today. As we heal ourselves, the world around us will heal with us. Our relationships will change our physical and mental health changes and we set an example to the world around us - we don't need to be the victims of our reality, but we can change it the way we want.

I believe that the only person in the world that can help us is ourselves. No one else can do the work for You, but others can help You see the blindspots​, that we often miss, because our own mind and emotions come on the way. 

In my work I try to find the causes of my clients problems. The western medicine treats the symptoms, but I treat the cause so that the symptoms disappear. Sometimes by just understanding the patterns in Your life, You can already bring on a beautiful change. 

We can't hide from ourselves, so the only way to heal is to face Your beautiful self with everything that You have - with all the light and all the shadows.

At the moment I reside in Netherlands and divide me time between Den Hague,  Rotterdam and Amsterdam, whereI  offer private coaching sessions and I also teach workshops about sexuality  and relationships.

You can also book a consultation with me in London with the Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Centre in Chelsea. Please find the link below


I speak English, Estonian, Russian and Finnish 

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Den Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam


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