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Changing Your Frequency

The year has started by life giving me the most beautiful gifts. It’s as if life just carries me from one place to another without much burden and keeps bringing wonderful moments and even more wonderful people into my life. I am writing this article on a beautiful island of Bali working as a therapist at a Taoist women’s retreat and I feel as if I’m living in a fairy tale.

Is it really going to be midnight soon and will my chariot turn back into a pumpkin? There is a small  fear inside of me, rising it's head. Can everything really be as good as it seems? How can it be that life is such a paradise for some people and for some it is a daily survival course?

I’ve always believed that each person creates their own destiny and brews their fortune. I believe that it is up to us if we spend each day in paradise or in a constant suffering. One of the world’s most renowned health counselors, David Wolfe says that two worlds exist simultaneously: the best of the worlds and the worst of the worlds. And you choose which world you live in. How do we make this choice?

“Everything is energy. Bring yourself to the frequency which characterizes the reality you wish for and it will become your reality. It couldn’t be any other way. It is not philosophy. It is physics.” Was said by Albert Einstein. We are able to choose through understanding that there is such a layer of energy, because everything is energy.

Energy Is Frequency

Everything in this world has its own frequency. The level of frequency may be lower, heavier and slower or it can be faster, lighter and higher. We are all born here with some certain frequency. We have a sort of a pre-configuration. Tantric teachings describe it through the seven chakra system; many other spiritual teachings speak of our energy centers as well. That which we do and experience in life affects our frequency – makes it either lower or higher.

This can be explained through the chakra system as follows: out of the seven chakras people mostly habit the frequency of the first three chakras which creates values as money, sex and food. Each frequency has its own characteristics. On the first three levels the energy is lower, slower and heavier. The upper energy centres, chakras, are mostly not as open and people don’t spend much time there.

All spiritual practices – yoga, meditation, mantras, singing, breathing, etc. – are focused on raising our frequency. Different yoga postures, breathing, etc. affect the energy centres in our body and help raise our frequency. For example the first chakra, the root chakra has both positive and negative qualities. Vitality, health, patience, physical strength and the like are positive. Laziness, greed, jealousy and the like are negative. When we exhibit these qualities, then there is likely a lot of energy in our first energy center. If we wish to be not connected to the laziness, jealousy and greed of the first chakra, then we can raise its frequency with spiritual practices. That means we’ll purify that energy center.

We experience our life according to which level we are best connected to. We’re a small copy of the universe. Everything that is inside us is outside us and everything that is outside is inside. Spiritual practices always bring a harmonic frequency to the level we’re working on.

True Yoga

Let’s take a look at raising our frequency through yoga. I need to point out that in this case I’m talking about true yoga, not the gymnastics practices that are most popular today and are called yoga. The word yoga translates as union. Every way of uniting with the universe is yoga: meditation, yoga postures, breathing, singing mantras, etc. But for it to be really called yoga there need to be some elements present. Understanding the theory of yoga teachings is fundamental.

Yoga has 10 rules for moral and ethics. We know the Ten Commandments in Christianity, but these here are a bit different. They’re called Yama and Niyama. Five of them regulate your relationship with yourself and the other five with the outer world. These teachings are also based on principles that raise our frequency and create a harmonic existence. Yoga gives us profound teachings for bettering our life quality through raising our frequency and choosing which world we live in.

Every little thing in our lives – as said – affects our frequency. By now I’m choosing very consciously what I allow in my life and what I avoid. Starting from simple things. For example we need food daily. Food has its own frequency as well. When we eat lighter high frequency foods, we become lighter ourselves. The more we purify ourselves inside and outside the higher our frequency goes. Remember "Lord of The Rings"? The dwarves were eating meat and bread and drinking wine and they would be grumpy and angry. The Elves were eating mostly fruits and veggies, they were graceful, light and had magical powers.

Without any exceptions we are daily affected by everything we meet: foods, drinks, people, places, music, films, etc. By watching horror films we damage our energy body and lower our frequency, as well as when we listen to for example heavy metal music. People who consume alcohol, smoke or take narcotic substances are constantly stuck at a lower frequency and have learned to enjoy being there the most. The higher and purer we become, the less we can stand being in such places, situations and relating with people of that frequency. There’s just nothing connecting us. We live on the same planet, but in completely different worlds.

I too come from a world that was inhabited by alcohol, soul pain, confusion, fear, laziness and many more. There more I’ve taken up caring for myself by choosing food that I eat, people I relate with, places I visit and stay at, and started with spiritual practices the more beautiful my world has become.

If you feel that life is not the way you would like it to be, then ask yourself are you in a frequency where your life can be the way you wish it to be. You are the creator of your own joy; you can raise your frequency, change your frequency and through that live the exact life you wish to live. The higher you go in frequency, the newer worlds open up to you.

With Love,


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