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The Children of Love and The Children of Materiality

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I would like to write today about something that has been in my heart for a long time....children. I myself have never been a "child person", but I do have two beautiful kids, that I love deeply. I am also a very empathic person and topics related to kids, always have a big effect on me. I pay very close attention to the kids that I come in contact with every day and often I notice a thought passing through my mind: poor children.

I see so many kids that are being raised with such deep fear, that they do not even dear to breathe. Then I see kids who are drinking coffee every morning already from the 2nd grade and play on the computer every day til 2AM, because their parents just don't care. And some parents feed their kids to such obesity, that when their child walks, they can barely catch their breath. I will not even start talking about the physical violence, because my eyes will tear up and a lump raises to my throat.

“The children of materiality come to parents who decide to have a child because that is how it is meant to be or because it happened. Women, who have babies because their biological clock is ticking, who want to hold on to a man etc. In these cases there is no place for love. .”

I see so many divorced couples, for whom their children are just pawns in a game, where they ventilate all their anger, disappointment and frustration out on their ex. I have always felt that not everyone is meant to become a parent.

But there is also a completely different experience, where children are being raised in love and harmony. Where parents support, encourage and love their child on a beautiful and pure way. Their parenting experience will be completely different from above mentioned. In those families children are allowed to grow into their true potential and not pushed into the boxes that society has created for people.

What determines the experience for the child and the parent in this life? There are two ways how children are being conceived - through the energy of love and through the material energy. According to what is the energy from which the child has been conceived, will also set the energy for that whole experience of being a parent.

I would divide children into two groups - Children of Love and Children of Materiality. Children of materiality are being born into the karmic cycle. Their parents relationship is based on the wounds, that come form their family lineage patterns and wounds. Parents are in the same karmic cycle and those patterns are repeated in children over and over again. Children are born into that cycle until someone grows up and starts a path of self-realisation and becomes conscious of the family patters and starts the path of healing for itself and for the whole family. After that the karmic cycle is broken, for the person doing the healing and also for the children to come. Many people that have been born in the last decades, have come exactly with that purpose - to clean the family karmic lineage. 

The children of materiality come to parents who decide to have a child because that is how it is meant to be or because it happened. Women, who have babies because their biological clock is ticking, who want to hold on to a man etc. In these cases there is no place for love. They mirror the wounds of their soul to each other and relationships in these cases become an ego based fighting ground. 

This is a relationship where mothers "marry" their sons and fathers "their" daughters. Often times sexuality disappears in these relationships very quickly after conceiving the child. There are no signs of emotional and physical intimacy. Or it is very superficial. Both parents are constantly in the state of "defence" and their own pain is so big, that they don't dare to let anyone close.

Children until the age of 3 are completely connected with their mothers energy field and from the child's behaviour You can clearly see the emotional and mental state of the mother. The child acts like a clear mirror for the whole family.

Those broken relationships bring on more broken relationships and broken people. Peole who spend their whole lives in the victim state, thinking constantly why life is so hard and unjust. The energetic burden that people carry is so huge, that most people break under that burden. Some fall into a depression, some are constantly sick and some decide to leave this world, because they can not take it anymore.

These people are dominated by the first 3 energy centres, that carry in itself: materiality, sexuality, emotions and ego. All of these are mankind's worst nightmares, because there is no awareness. People are slaves to all these 4 things.

Another important moment in having a child is the moment of conceiving. Can You imagine what kind of energy will be created when a woman gets pregnant after a rape or a drunken one night stand. The child will carry that energetic pattern.

Childern of love are being born to parents, who have stepped out of the karmic cycle. At one point they have become aware. They have cleansed their karmic patterns, by healing their own wounds and taken responsibility of their life and their actions. Both parents have reached opened their hears and they are empathic, intuitive, wise and know how to love without conditions. They only reason why a child is being born into this family is that the love they share is so big, it is overflowing. Then the child is truly the fruit of Love.

The soul that is being born is a different kind of soul. One who is above the karmic cycle and because of that the experience of being a parent will be a completely different experience. These souls choose parents who are conscious. They need to be free, to become exactly who they are meant to be and they can't be moulded into boxes to fit society's standards. These are children that come to bring a long needed change into this world and they an immense amount joy, happiness and love with them.

Of course they will also behave like children, that sometimes throw tantrums, do not want to brush their teeth and do not listen to their parents. But in the long run, their energy is full of lightness.

Bringing to the world, the children of materiality is one of the ways of making people slaves. Collective has set a model, how "a good parent" should raise their child and put a thought into people's heads, that the kids are always the priority. We have to put our own life aside for the next 20 years and once the kids have flown out of the nest, it is time to start living Yourself. Our lives are completely over ridden with all kinds of obligations and raising a child is almost as hard as building a rocket. Important thing is that You have so many obligations, that You don't have one single second to think about life and if it really should be like that. Most of the time the only feeling You have is overwhelming tiredness. Once they have grown up, what's the point anyway. Most people don't have the same passion for life anymore and the years have taken its toll on everyone.

Having kids is such such an automated process, because that is the only thing we do not need to learn. But if You look around and see what is happening in the society, then instead of all kind's of other licenses that people have to get, I think there should be a license for having children. And they shouldn't give it out to people before the age of 35. In order to become a parent and extensive amount of trainings should be done and if You are a self-centred asshole, then it is not the time yet to have children.

If Your own cellar inside of You is flooding and everywhere is full of fungus and dirt and the garbage hasn't been taken out for ages, there is no room to step on the floor, the rats and the mice have shit all over the place, then maybe it's not time yet, to invite guests over. First it is time to clean the house and then inviting friends over.

I wish I had understood that 13 years ago, when I had my first child. Life would have been so much easier for me and my children. I wish someone had sat me down and explained to me that kids should not be having kids. At the age of 25 we do not have much to give them anyway. In the emotional and mental level, we ourselves are still not out of the diapers yet.



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